Tywcross Clerk Vacancy

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from Staffordshire County Council


Structures we're responsible for:

  • Bus shelters

  • Sign board in Haunton

  • Notice boards

  • Benches

  • Defibrillator Cabinet

  • Telephone kiosk

  • 2 Speed signs and 4 posts

Role of Councillors:

  • Represent parishioners views at District and County Council levels.

  • Comment on planning.

  • Allotment provision

  • Liaise with Highways

  • Annual litter pick

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St Andrews School poster competition

Winning Posters 

1st Prize

Runners up

Children taking action against dog fouling












Where would you like a new bench in the village?


The bench at the Radways has been removed as it was broken (beyond repair). So before we replace it, we would like to ask you if you would like the new bench to placed somewhere else?

Please send any suggestions to:


Meeting Minutes

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